Inishmor Pub

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The Inishmor Pub is named after Inishmor (Árainn), Ireland. It is the largest of the Galway Aran Islands (although its population numbers only about 900 inhabitants). Inishmor isan extension of the famous limestone rocks of The Burren and is famous for its strong Irish culture.
The owners of The Inishmor wandered throughout Ireland in their 20s (and 30s)—mostly in and out of pubs—and fell in love with the vast, open space and sense of community in Inishmor. They wanted to bring some of that to their hometown of Colchester. They also wanted to create the type of pub in town that they'd like to go to themselves. 
Inside The Inishmor, you'll find an inviting, cozy space that caters to conversation, good food and spirits. The pub is family friendly and palette friendly. Simply, we hope you'll like our food as much as we love preparing it.


Inishmor Pub

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