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When most people think of stouts, they think of creamy, strong and dark beers. Usually, a Guinness comes to mind. Yet, though many types of stout do have these attributes, there are different varietie...
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Bartending, even at home, requires lots of supplies, mixers, and garnishes. In addition to beer, wine, liquors, and liqueurs, a decent home bar should have the following supplies if you plan on servin...
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Setting up a home bar can become quite costly. The variety of liquors available today is mind-boggling. How do you pare down your shopping list to the essentials? Some bartenders might scoff at the id...
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My wife's company held their annual summer outing on Block Island.  Lynne and I had never been.  Some notes and observations of our weekend   - Take the slow ferry... Unless you're...
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It's official.....America is on its way to being great again.I know a lot of people are not in support of Mr Trump, but you do have to commend the fact that he is sticking to his guns and focusing on ...
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I hope the Superbowl can bring back the high level of commercials we were once used to.  In the past I can remember watching the game with people that really weren't into Football, and the one th...
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