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Cape Cod Fine Dining Restaurant: The Eclectic Cafe hides on Main Street,  Hyannis. A little hard to find, impossible to forget.
Imagine, if you will — being leisurely transported westward toward the early evening setting sun on the bustling Historic Main Street Hyannis on Cape Cod. A hunger stirs within you and you seek a new and different fine dining experience. As you move with the flow of strolling pedestrians and slow moving traffic, you witness a seemingly endless assortment of the usual Hyannis restaurants and sidewalk Cape Cod cafes. On the sidewalk, diners attempt to consume their meals on the cramped sidewalk tables as gawking pedestrians bump their way through these Cape Cod restaurant’s crowded array of tables, chairs and their associated patrons. Nothing here grabs your interest so you continue your journey westward still searching for something different, and of course better. Just as you approach the final set of lights at the corner of Main and Sea Street, a mysterious black  awning at your right begs your further investigation. This black awning looms protectively over an unusual, almost mysterious, hidden entrance to a secluded red brick walkway that inexplicably dares you to enter and explore. 

Opting to take this opportunity for adventure you enter through the open wooden gate. As you walk along the winding brick pathway the busy sounds of Hyannis’ Main Street seem to fade away into the distance behind you. A delightful feeling of comfortable peace and quiet surrounds you because you have just entered — The Eclectic Zone home of a Cape Cod Fine Dining Restaurant the Eclectic Cafe — its a most unusual restaurant. You discover Intimate tables covered with sparkling white tablecloths and adorned with flowers and candles whose flames gently flicker in the summer evening breeze in perfect for outdoor dining . The tables are spaced discretely and politely apart from one another offering you a private romantic setting outdoors under the twilight and stars above. Exploring beyond the patio, you discover the Eclectic is a Cape Cod cafe with a cozy lounge with its friendly Cheers style atmosphere. Upon entering the lounge with its red brick floor and natural wood covered walls, you notice something else that is most unusual. 

Its a spotless restaurant kitchen that adjoins and is wide open to the lounge so that patrons can watch the Chef and his staff stirring up their wonderful culinary magic for the Eclectic Cafe’s honored guests. The Eclectic Cafe’s attractive and friendly hostess welcomes you and offers you your choice of sheltered indoor or our starlit outdoor dining patio seating. Arriving at your table, you take your seat and begin to relax and enjoy your favorite beer, wine, or mixed beverage. As you look over the Eclectic Cafe’s Menu, it becomes appetizingly clear why this Cape Cod Cafe is so tastefully special. The Eclectic Cafe’s menu proposes an unequaled choice of imaginative mouth watering appetizers and entrees drawing from the freshest Cape Cod seafood, choicest prime meats, poultry, and vegetables all presented to you like a work of museum quality art. Mere words and pictures cannot possibly do justice to the discriminating tastes and feel of fine dining at The Eclectic Cafe Restaurant in Downtown Main Street, Hyannis on Cape Cod. You must experience the real thing!  Some fine evening, just travel west toward the setting sun on Main Street Hyannis on Cape Cod until you find that mysterious red brick walkway, sheltered by the black canopy that leads you into the amazing outdoor dining adventure known as the Eclectic Zone. It is a true Cape Cod Cafe!


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