Block Island

My wife's company held their annual summer outing on Block Island.  Lynne and I had never been.  Some notes and observations of our weekend  


- Take the slow ferry... Unless you're in a medical emergency, take the slow boat out of Point Judith.  55 minutes of something you don't get to do everyday.  


- Monica's taxi tour; worth it for $75 plus tip.  Lasted 1.5 hours.   Fourth or fifth generation islander. Monica Shea- Hull; a spit fire, living legend, she'll be missed when she's gone.  


- Finns seafood.  On the Old Harbor. Allegedly freshest seafood on the Island.  Lobster roll was great.  Lynne's lobster club looked very good. Cold beer.


- Oars restaurant up in New Harbor: nice bar inside.  Fish taco's blackened were delicious.  Outside there is corn hole and picknick tables with umbrellas.  You get a nice cross breeze outside from the inlet to the harbor.  Mudslides are dangerously good.  I left feeling great.  


- Easy to walk about to most of the commercial stuff either in Old Harbor or New Harbor.  On a hot day, a taxi is worth it between harbors.  Otherwise 1.5 mike or so walk. Mostly staying on one harbor or the other walking is easy.


- Paynes Deadly Doughnuts... Good.  Indulgent.  Sits like a brick after you eat one.  Get them warm.  New Harbor. 


- The National Hotel was nice.  Antique traditional not Gilded or country.  Warm and toasty in the rooms.  No A/C.  Come to find out on the last day Lynne read the Block Island newspapers, BI has one of the highest power rates in the country.  Drawing the conclusion to no A/C.   Bar is nice for an afternoon cocktail.  Breeze comes in off the harbor nicely and seeps through the open doors of the front porch.  


- Company dinners at the National on the porch and Ballard's.  Both were nice takes. The food is good at both.  They handled a big party with ease.  Food was good at Ballard's.  Not high end but not bar food.  


- Over all worth your time to take a little trip.  

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