When most people think of stouts, they think of creamy, strong and dark beers. Usually, a Guinness comes to mind. Yet, though many types of stout do have these attributes, there are different varieties that don’t have any of them. In fact, Guinness doesn’t even have a high alcohol content. It’s the same as Bud Light, at 4.20%. Styles range from being dry and very alcoholic to hoppy with a low ABV.  What really differentiates a stout from other beers styles is its standout, roasted flavor. This flavor comes from roasted barley, which is made by highly kilning barley grain that has not been malted.  Let’s take a look at the history of the stout style to better understand it and to find out where all these misconceptions came from.  A Brief History of Stout Beer The word “stout” used to refer to strong beers way back in the late...
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