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Santa Rosa, CA – Russian River Brewing Company announced on Sunday the details for the upcoming Pliny the Younger release. More below from the brewery blog…***Pliny the Younger will make his 14th Annu...
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Pastrami Pilsner, A 5.5% ABV Pilsner Brewed with Cherrywood Smoked Malt, Ground Caraway, Mustard Seed, Cracked Black Pepper, And a Horseradish Rye Blend(Clifton Park, NY) – Shmaltz Brewing Company tak...
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Larkspur, CA – It was inevitable, a beer taking its name in the form of a hashtag, but #nofilterbananasplitbock, aka, Hashtag No Filter Banana Split Bock comes with a brilliant backstory. Brewed at Ma...
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(Oakland Park, FL) – We swagged out our sixers for the new year!The Funky Buddha brand has always been known for being eccentric, creative, and well just funky! We wanted to carry on that same whimsic...
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Seattle brewery’s new 2018 spring seasonal uses “bits and pieces” to create an IPA that will be reimagined each year (Seattle, WA) – Reuben’s Brews has just added a new spring seasonal to its lineup. ...
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Holy Moses Joins GLBC’s Year-Round Portfolio in Brewery’s 30th Year(Cleveland, OH) — Great Lakes® Brewing Company (GLBC) announces the addition of Holy Moses White Ale to their year-round portfolio. H...
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